The Koryo Guide
to North Korea

The world's first (and free!) online guidebook to travel in the DPRK

Koryo Tours are excited to announce the launch of our Koryo Guide to North Korea (DPRK).

This 72-page booklet details all the places that a foreigner can visit in North Korea – many of these destinations, such as Hamhung, are ones that are open to tourists as a result of our engagement with the authorities there.

You can visit many of these locations on our Group Tours. However we also run Private Tours, where you can cherry pick a bespoke itinerary of the most interesting places to visit in the country; this guidebook is the comprehensive list of options available to outsiders.

Whether or not you are planning on visiting the DPRK, this booklet, illustrated with photography by Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, offers an insight into the country never before possible for outsiders. Read to learn about the history, nature, culture and industry of the country that is often seen through a solely political lens.

We hope you enjoy reading this guide as much as we enjoyed writing it. As ever, get in touch if you have any questions about the guidebook, the destinations, our tours, or anything else.

Guidebook got you tempted? Check out our Group and Private tours to plan a trip of your own!

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