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As is standard practice with legitimate tour operators and in particular due to the isolation of the country, Koryo Tours requires that tourists travelling to North Korea have full medical insurance. We will not take you into the country without this so please read the following:

Koryo Tours cannot be held responsible for any mishap to yourself or your property and in particular any consequence or effects of flight/train cancellation/delay, robbery, sickness, Government intervention or other such happenings.

It is a condition of booking with Koryo Tours that you insure yourself against any possible risk that may occur and in particular to ensure that sufficient insurance has been obtained in respect of any dependent relatives. It is your responsibility to ensure that your insurance policy;

• Covers medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become too ill or physically unable to continue

• Covers you for the full duration of your trip with Koryo Tours

• There are no exclusion clauses limiting or excluding protection for the countries you are traveling to, and the activities that are included in or are optional on your trip

You must ensure that your travel insurance meets your particular requirements. It is recommended to arrange supplementary insurance if need be.

Any claims must be directed to your insurers. We will require you to sign a form stating that you have adequate insurance coverage and that Koryo will not be held liable for any medical expenses you may incur.

No matter whom you arrange your insurance through Koryo Tours needs to know the details of your insurance policy so that we can assist in the event of an emergency. We will ask you to provide these details to us.

When obtaining your own insurance policy, it is recommended to confirm the following is covered or included with the insurance policy;

• It covers you for travel to North Korea (DPR Korea), or the country you are traveling with Koryo Tours too

• It covers you for any sporting activities that are included as part of your tour such as amateur marathon participation, skiing, hiking, cycling, horse riding, or any other sports activities - check your planned itinerary to confirm what activities you need coverage for

• It covers you for emergency medical evacuation to or via a third country

• In the event of emergency medical evacuation, the amount the insurer covers for this is at least 100,000 EUR

Koryo Tours cannot advise you if a specific insurance policy is suitable or not – this is solely the responsibility of the person purchasing the insurance policy. It is recommended to contact the insurance company to confirm with them directly if you are unsure or have doubts.

If you have a medical condition which may affect your health or safety in North Korea you must inform us before you complete your visa application regardless of who you arrange your insurance through.

Insurance available through Koryo Tours

Koryo Tours offers an exclusive insurance policy through PICC Insurance which provides coverage for travel to North Korea (DPRK).

The policy offered by Koryo Tours through PICC Insurance gives you care for medical emergencies including cover for emergency medical evacuation & repatriation.

This policy offers coverage for everyone from two weeks of age, up to 85 years of age. Do note that anyone from 71 to 85 years of age will only be able to receive half of the maximum limit for accidental death & dismemberment, common carrier accidental death & dismemberment, acute sickness death and medical reimbursement (including sickness and accident).

The cost of this policy varies depending on the length of your trip, and will only cover travel departing from and returning to China. It does not provide coverage for travel in mainland China.

Insurance Prices by tour length;

1-6 nights - 50 EUR
7-9 nights - 60 EUR
10-13 nights - 85 EUR
14-16 nights - 95 EUR
17-20 nights - 115 EUR
21-23 nights - 130 EUR

Please do get in contact with us for insurance options for our other destinations.

The PICC Insurance Policy available through Koryo Tours offers the following insurance benefits (sum insured);

Accidental death and Disablement – 600,000 RMB
Common Carrier Accidental Death and Disablement – 300,000 RMB
Self-Drive Accidental Death and Disablement – 300,000 RMB
Medical Reimbursement (including Outpatient and Inpatient) – 400,000 RMB
Acute Sickness Death – 20,000 RMB
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation – 800,000 RMB
Repatriation of Remains (the funeral solarium is limited to 16,000 RMB) - 500,000 RMB
Compassionate Visit of Family Members (include Accompanying Minor Repatriation: 5,000 RMB) – 15,000 RMB
The Ambulance Fee Abroad – 800 RMB
Kidnap and Ransom Subsidy (3,000 RMB/day) – 12,000 RMB
Travel Cancelled or Shortened – 15,000 RMB
Travel Delay (300 RMB for every 5 hours) – 1,800 RMB
Baggage delay (500 RMB for every 6 hours) – 2,000 RMB
Loss of Travel Documents – 10,000 RMB
Loss of Personal Effects (1,000 RMB limit per item, except for tablet computers) – 6,000 RMB
Loss of Cell Phone and Tablet Computer (maximum 1,000 RMB per item each year) – 3,000 RMB
Credit Card Swipe Protection (not applicable to juveniles) – 3,000 RMB
Loss of Personal Money – 3,000 RMB
Home Property during the Trip (underwrite Chinese mainland, except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) – 5,000 RMB
Personal Liability – 1,000,000 RMB

Koryo Tours reserves the right to issue insurance from another provider in the event that we are unable to obtain insurance through our current advertised provider, or if we are able to obtain a more comprehensive insurance policy for you. We will let you know if and when this happens.

Updated 7 November 2019.

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