Golyo, not
Koryo, Tours

Our long-lost Hungarian counterpart (now found!)

Have you ever looked at a photo and saw a stranger who looks remarkably similar to yourself or someone you know?

A friend spotted this bus on the streets of Vienna today.

The bus is from Golyo Tours based out of Hungary. 'Golyo' is a conceivable, but unused, variant of the Korean word 'Koryo', which is sometimes spelled 'Goryeo'. In Korean the 'ㄹ' that makes the 'r' in Koryo (고려) is a mix between an English 'r' and 'l', which is why a common Korean surname can be written as 'Li' or 'Ri'. It is also the basis for some other jokes, the tactfulness of which are questionable and will not be repeated here.

For now, we wish all the best for our new friends at Golyo Tours! No doubt they live up to the same great standards and service that go with the name!

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