At Koryo Tours, we have always been firm believers in responsible tourism. Alongside organising tours that help change the perceptions of our Western tourists and Korean hosts, we also facilitate humanitarian and cultural engagement projects which benefit the people of North Korea. We never take in money, only goods that we ensure are delivered to where they are needed. Please have a look below at our projects and if you are willing to either raise funds for us or offer other assistance let us know.

Delivering high-nutritional meals to North Korean orphanages

Koryo Kids (2015 to Present)

Our current humanitarian project focuses on delivering containers of nutritional food packages to eight orphanages in the DPRK.

These specially formulated meals ensure that the children at these orphanages receive all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth.

NO MONEY — JUST AID: As with all of our humanitarian projects we do not take cash in to the country, but use our charity funds to pay for containers of food aid to be delivered to the DPRK. When the containers arrive one of our staff members visits the orphanages to ensure the food packets have arrived safely. We continue to monitor the health of the children at these orphanages, and provide confidential reports to our donors.

SEE FOR YOURSELF: This is a long-term project and any further help or contributions are most appreciated, and most needed. We have personal experience of the success of this project, and can share more information with any interested donors. If you are able to fund the delivery of an entire container, we can also apply for you to visit the orphanages and confirm delivery of the food.

Read on to learn about past humanitarian projects we've been involved with.

2014 — Rehabilitation of the school building attached to the Wonsan Primary School Orphanage

At the start of 2014 we launched an appeal to raise money to rebuild the school building attached to the Wonsan Primary School Orphanage on the east coast of the DPRK. Our partners Marama Global recently visited the orphanage where the project was completed in July 2014. They reported that the children were full of smiles and energy, and were thrilled to have the foreigners join in their after-school football match. While we had initially expected the work to have been completed in early 2014, the renovation and extension work was actually far more extensive than planned, which is good news as it means the building is even better than we had hoped, and will provide excellent classroom facilities for the children. Thanks again for your valuable contributions, which have done so much to help the orphanage and all there.

2012 — Emergency heating fund

In 2012 we were part of an emergency fund that delivered 500 tonnes of coal to provide heating for orphanages and hospitals in Nampo during severe winter weather.

2009-2012: LNKC charity project

From 2009 to 2012 Koryo Tours assisted the UK-based charity 'LNKC’ in its efforts to set up bakeries providing food aid and employment.

2009 — Braille dictionaries

We raised money to provide 300 visually impaired children with their own dictionary — a new Korean Braille Dictionary — thereby creating a great tool for improving the quality of life for these kids, and their opportunities for communication.

2009 — playground equipment

We provided playground equipment for 600 children aged 7-18 years at Chogu Primary and Middle School on the east coast of the DPRK.

1996-1997: Food Aid

During this period, we raised substantial funds to be delivered as food aid into the country. As the only travel company working with the DPRK at that time, we were able to provide several Western NGOs with their first introductions to key partner organisations in Korea.

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