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If you read some of the testimonies from people who've travelled to the DPRK with us then you'll soon see what an amazing experience awaits. But you probably still have some questions. Here are our answers to some of the questions we get asked — frequently. Welcome to our FAQs...

Who are Koryo Tours?

What does ‘Koryo’ mean?

How much does a trip to North Korea cost?

Is it possible to visit North Korea? Can I visit North Korea?

Who does Koryo Tours employ as tour leaders?

I'm an American citizen and would like to travel to North Korea. Can I travel to North Korea?

What languages are Koryo Tours trips conducted?

Will visiting North Korea affect me travelling to other countries in the future?

I have a South Korean stamp in my passport - will this cause a problem?

There are people who say that visiting a country such as North Korea is wrong and that all we are doing is supporting the government - is this true?

Will I be spied on/will the guides try and brainwash me?

Is it safe to travel to the DPRK? I have seen news stories about tourists getting detained in North Korea — will this happen to me?

What are the hotels like in North Korea?

Can I talk to locals?

What about the food?

Which airlines do you use and can I take a train in/out of the country?

Will there be a military parade?

What exactly are the Mass Games?

Are there any other special events tourists can attend?

What happens if I get sick in North Korea?

Once I am there, am I free to go where I want?

I am a journalist, can I visit?

How do I get to North Korea?

How far in advance do I need to be in Beijing?

Will I need to give you my passport at any time?

I would like to have a visa in my passport - is there a way to get one?

Which is better, a group tour or an private tour to North Korea?

How do I sign up for a tour to North Korea?

How do I get the North Korean visa and how long does it take?

Do I need a visa for China?

It seems like a lot of money - what do I get for that?

Do you offer any discounts?

Can I write about my trip to North Korea afterwards? Is it OK to put pictures online?

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