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Why should you choose Koryo Tours?

Choosing to travel to unusual destinations such as North Korea is a big decision, and choosing the right people to take you is an incredibly important part of that. Learn about how we facilitate tourism responsibly in some of the most interesting and unique destinations on our planet, and at the same time ensure you get the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Our private independent tours are a great way to travel to the North Korea if you want to have a more personal experience, fix your own dates, travel at your own pace, or explore specific aspects of this fascinating and complex country.

Private Independent Tours by Koryo

NOTICE: The North Korea border is currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. No Tours to North Korea (DPRK) will be taking place until the border is open again - but planning ahead, working on private tour itineraries, etc. are all possible, so don't hesitate to get in touch!

Koryo Tours offers customised private independent tours based on more than 30 years of experience arranging tours to North Korea.

Contact us to get in touch with one of our expert tour managers who will help design a tailored tour itinerary and package for you based on your available dates, budget, and interests. Download our new (and free!) Koryo Tours North Korea Guide Book to explore where you can go and what you can see.

We offer both standard and budget private independent tour packages to North Korea. Our base tour packages include transport between Beijing and Pyongyang by train with transfer at Dandong (hard-sleeper, six-beds per cabin), accommodation in North Korea, meals, and entry fees.

In North Korea, two professional Korean guides will accompany your party and you will have your own driver and vehicle, allowing you to travel at your own pace. Koryo Tours staff provide a thorough pre-tour briefing on travel guidelines, etiquette, safety, and travel in North Korea, but do not accompany private tours in-country.

Base pricing depends on your group size, the length of the tour, and hotel class. Please see below for details and for upgrades, such as flights from Beijing, Shenyang, Vladivostok, or Shanghai - as well as other exciting add-ons.

For groups of 16 travellers or more, we can send one of our expert tour leaders to accompany your group or provide additional discounts. Our tour leaders' schedules fill up so contact us early!

Budget Tours (in EUR) 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights
1 traveller 849 1099 1349 1599 1849 2049
2 to 5 travellers 749 999 1175 1349 1549 1749
6 to 9 travellers 649 799 949 1099 1249 1399
10 to 15 travellers 599 749 875 975 1075 1199

About Budget Hotels in North Korea

Budget hotel options in Korea are generally decent and clean, but with limited facilities and limited hours of hot water depending on the time of year. Choose from the Sosan, Chongryon, Changgwangsan, Haebangsan, Rakrang, or Ryanggang Hotels in Pyongyang, each with its own character.

Our North Korea budget tours are designed to provide a budget option for all travellers. We do not offer discounts on our budget tours except to children under the age of 12.

Standard Tours (in EUR) 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 nights 6 nights 7 nights
1 traveller 899 1175 1449 1699 1949 2199
2 to 5 travellers 799 1049 1249 1449 1675 1875
6 to 9 travellers 699 875 1049 1199 1375 1549
10 to 15 travellers 649 799 949 1075 1199 1349

About Standard Hotels in North Korea

Standard hotels in North Korea typically have comprehensive facilities (restaurants, shops, entertainment) as well as 24-hour hot water and electricity. Choose from the Yanggakdo or Koryo Hotels in Pyongyang, home away from home for most visitors to North Korea.

We offer discounts on our standard North Korea private tours for full-time students, return customers, and children under the age of 12.

Transport Upgrades

One-way flight upgrade to/from Beijing - 249 EUR per person.

Round-trip flight upgrade from Beijing - 349 EUR per person

See our schedule for Trains and Flights to North Korea 2018-9

Take the train from North Korea to Russia!

In 2018 Koryo Tours, pioneered a new train route from Pyongyang Rason in North Korea's far northeast or to Vladivostok and beyond! See our Trans-DPRK Rail: Across North Korea by Local Train extension for more details

Train and other transport upgrades coming soon!

Special Events

Run the Pyongyang Marathon annually in April!

North Korea Visa Service

We offer a North Korean visa service in Beijing for 50 EUR and do not need your physical passport for the process. North Korean visas issued in Beijing are issued as a separate document outside of your passport. This document must be given upon exit from North Korea.

For visa collectors, it is possible to have a visa arranged for issue in your passport if there is a North Korean embassy in your home country. In these cases, an additional visa fee needs to be paid directly to the embassy in cash. This typically ranges from 10-30 EUR, depending on the embassy in questions and fees subject to change. Unfortunately we are unable to request for visas to be affixed to passports outside of your home country.


As a responsible travel company, we require all travellers to North Korea to have insurance coverage for emergency medical evacuation from North Korea and medical treatment.

Insurance for the trip can be booked with Starr Insurance (Shanghai) through Koryo Tours or arranged independently. Please see our insurance page for more details.

Additional Important Information for Travel to North Korea

The default language of our tours is English, but requests can be made for guides who speak German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Polish, Chinese, or Japanese. Guides can, of course, also help with your Korean!

Interested in a private tour? Contact us for a consultation.

The following information is helpful for us in creating a custom itinerary and specific quote for you:

*Number of travellers in your party

*Your available dates and travel restrictions you might have

*Desired length of tour

*Any questions, desired locations, or interests you would like to see reflected in your itinerary.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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