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Afghanistan Flag

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If you've ever looked at the national flag of Afghanistan and wondered what it all means then look no further and read on.

If you've ever looked at the current Afghanistan flag and thought I thought it looked different... You wouldn't be wrong. Since 1709, Afghanistan has worked its way through an impressive 25 designs.

Afghanistan Flag Design 

The current design of the Afghanistan flag is a tricolour consisting of vertical black, red, and green. At the centre of the flag of Afghanistan is the national emblem. This used to be held within the centre red stripe but has now seen a redesign to show it spilling int the bordering bars.

Not only are the elements of the Muslim religion associated with Afghanistan's flag design, but it also reflects the countries turbulent past. 

Afghanistan Flag Meaning

The colours of the flag of Afghanistan


Its original reason to be incorporated in the flag was that it was representative of the former Abbasid caliphate; however today people will tell you that it reflects the countries troubled history over the last century. 


The red colour of the Afghanistan flag represents the bloodshed of the Afghan people during its many fights for independence.


Green is not only seen as the traditional colour of Islam but viewed as a colour of future prosperity and good fortune.

The National Emblem

An emblem has appeared of the Afghan flag since the beginning of the 20th century. The latest incarnation of the symbol incorporates a few different elements, which are as follows.

At the top of the emblem is the inscription of one of the most critical elements for the Afghan people, the Shahada (A Muslims declaration of faith).  The building below the Shahada is that of a mosque and its essential interior elements. The mihrab within the mosque directs worshippers to the direction of Mecca whilst the imam uses the minbar to led prayers. The two flags waving from the mosque are the flags of Afghanistan. 

The inscription below the mosque states the name of the Afghan nation in Arabic. All of this imagery wrapped in one of the countries most essential crops Wheat.  The writing at the base shows the Solar Hijri year of 1298 (1919), the year in which Afghanistan gained independence from British rule. 

Afghanistan Flag History

The current flag of Afghanistan has been used since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2004 and the country's independence.

However, its design elements date back to the countries early history, most notably its autonomy in 1919. Since 1919 the countries flag has changed along with political events several times. 

Afghanistan Flag Facts

The German flag of 1928 was the inspiration for Afghanistan's tricolour style of the flag.

When the Afghan King, Amanullah Khan, visited Europe with his wife in 1928 he was fond of the horizontal design of the then Weimar Republic. Upon his return to Afghanistan, a new tricolour horizontal banner was designed and adopted. 

During the 20th century, Afghanistan has been through an impressive 18 different flags more than any other country during that time. 

Afghanistan is one of only eight countries in the world to depict its nation's flag on its actual flag. Furthermore, it's one of only six nations along with Bolivia, Cambodia, Portugal, San Marino, and Spain, to feature a building.

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