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Syria Flag

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The current Syrian flag has been in use since 1980, and is the flag of the current government. It has changed multiple times in modern history representing its independence and ruling parties. 

Syrian Flag History 

The current design was first adopted in 1958 when Syria gained independence from European rule, and had decided to form the United Arab republic with Egypt. Two stars were added to represent Syria and Egypt.

After this, there were 3 further changes to the Syria flag between 1961 and 1980. 

In 1961, Syria broke from the union with Egypt and during this time had two different flags to represent the political policies during that time. 

In 1980, Syria then adopted its new flag which is the Syria flag in current use. 

Syria readopted the flag of the United Arab Republic on March 29th 1980 as its own national symbol and national flag. 

Syrian Flag Meaning

Many flags or almost all of the flags in the Middle East region consist of the same three colours, representing Arab liberation and unity. 

The Syria flag also uses these colours. 

Syrian Flag Usage

When travelling in Syria you will see the Syria flag in use through a lot of government-controlled pasts of Syria.

Often, you will see the Syrian flag adorned with the face of President Bashar al Assad. 

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