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Stuck at home going through all of those old travel pictures wondering when the next adventure will be? 

We get it. 

But what if you could travel from the comfort of your own home…? 

How to Use the Travel Guides
Travel Guides Competition (ENDED)
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Koryo Tours Presents;

Koryo Tours Travel Guides

Over 300 travel guides from destinations all over the world written by the experts. From restaurants in Sariwon, North Korea to Gulags in Magadan, Russia - and everything in-between. 

Quench your travel thirst as you explore the chic coffee shops of Pyongyang, learn how to get to Bhutan, and learn all about nomadic life in Mongolia. 

Plus, to celebrate the release of the Travel Guides, we’re holding a COMPETITION to help you travel, explore, and discover. 

Note: Koryo Tours Travel Guides competition 2020 ended 01/05. 

North Korea | Bhutan | Mongolia | Tajikistan
Russia | China | Turkmenistan | Kazakhstan

How to Use the Travel Guides

The best way to use the Koryo Tours travel guides is by exploring yourself. 

In our North Korea Travel Guides section, you will find a comprehensive look into North Korea's accommodation, restaurants, and different provinces and cities. 

You can first select where you are interested in finding out more -  

Then, simply select what you'd like to find out about - 

Our Worldwide Destinations Travel Guides include Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, China, Bhutan, and Kazakhstan. 

You can click into each of these countries to explore more, with more added every day! 

Travel Guides Competition (ENDED)

1st Prize - Walker
2nd Prize - Alonso
Runners Up; William, Kody, Aryaan, Aniruddh, Melvin, Matevz, Tommy, Ian, Duncan, Shane, Tom, Lawrence, Tjaša, Vania, Matthew 


We have over 300 Travel Guides for North Korea and worldwide destinations.

Within these travel guides, you will find the below image hidden somewhere within several Travel Guides. 

There are 31 of these images - see if you can find them all!

These images are scattered throughout countries and categories.

Your job is to FIND THEM.

What's in it for me? 

Apart from learning about some cool, interesting, and remote places - there are also some prizes for those keen explorers. 

First Prize
North Korean Hand-Painted Propaganda Poster worth 150 EUR

The person who finds the most competition images. 
If several people find them all, you will all be entered into a lucky draw. 

Second Prize
Book Signed by Nick Bonner

The second person who finds the most competition images.
(Same rules apply as above for multiple winners). 

Runner's Up Prize
Personalised Postcard Sent to you or to an Individual of Your Choice from North Korea

15 Runner-up prizes will be awarded to 15 LUCKY PEOPLE.
Everyone else who takes part in the competition will be entered into a lucky draw. 

How do I enter? 

Anyone can take part - but play fair. If you find something, keep it to yourself. The more people you share your findings with, the less chance you have of winning... 

Once you think you’ve found them all… Do BOTH of the following; 

1. Email us with screenshots of the image on the webpage. ([email protected])

2. Email us with the link where you found them. ([email protected])

Prizes will be awarded to those who find all/most of the travel guides. If there are multiple people who find ALL of the travel guides with the image there will be a lucky draw for the winners. 

Know a friend who’s wanderlust needs curing? 

Share the competition with them!

Unless you're worried they'll beat you to the prize... 

END DATE: 30/04. Please send in your emails BEFORE 30th April 5 pm GMT+1 if you wish to enter the competition. 

Email: [email protected]

Featured Travel Guides

N͟o͟r͟t͟h͟ ͟K͟o͟r͟e͟a 🇰🇵

The DMZ, North/South Korean border stretching 250 kilometres (160 miles) across the width of the Korean peninsula. 

DMZ Travel Guide

dmz north korea

B͟h͟u͟t͟a͟n 🇧🇹

In the far north-west of Turkmenistan, deep in Balkan province lies this rarely-seen and little-known natural wonder. Want to go properly off the beaten path? Well here is your chance!

Bhutan's Tourism Policy 

C͟h͟i͟n͟a 🇨🇳

Liaoning Province, one of two provinces in China bordering North Korea. Find out more about this region in China heavily influenced by its Korean neighbours. 

Liaoning Province 

M͟o͟n͟golia 🇲

Once you get over how to spell it (and believe us, we did after writing this travel guide…) there’s a lot to learn about this capital city. 

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

T͟u͟r͟k͟m͟e͟n͟i͟s͟t͟a͟n 🇹🇯

In the far north-west of Turkmenistan, deep in Balkan province lies this rarely-seen and little-known natural wonder. Want to go properly off the beaten path? Well here is your chance!

Yangkala Canyon

K͟a͟z͟a͟k͟h͟s͟t͟a͟n 🇰🇿

Astana or Nur-Sultan? Nur-Sultan has been known by a number of names in its history. Most recently the change was made from Astana (meaning ‘Capital’ to be fair this is a placeholder name at best) to Nur-Sultan. Why? Find out. 

Nur Sultan / Astana 

R͟u͟s͟s͟i͟a 🇷🇺

The Dneprovsky camp was finally abandoned in 1955 as the ore they dug from the mines was of low grade anyway and there was no way to keep the site viable.  As with all the camps in Kolyma, Dneprovsky was not turned into a memorial or museum.  It was just left, for decades.

Dneprovskey Gulag Camp, Magadan 

T͟a͟j͟i͟k͟i͟s͟t͟a͟n 🇹🇲

The Anzob tunnel is located on the M34 highway. It’s also known as the “Tunnel of Death”.  Why? Follow the link and read on. 

The Anzob Tunnel of Death

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