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Bhutan Tourism Policy

Bhutan's Tourism Policy

Before 1960 Bhutan was a fairly closed country. 

In 1974, the Bhutanese Government opened the isolated country to foreigners for the first time and tourism in Bhutan began. 

However, the tourism policy in Bhutan remains to be one of the most unique in the world. 

The Bhutanese Government Tourism Policy

The Bhutanese Government tourism policy is;

High value, Low impact

According to the Bhutanese government, 

“Founded on the principle of sustainability, tourism must be environmentally friendly, socially and culturally acceptable, and economically viable”

The Bhutanese government, they also wish to

“To promote Bhutan as an exclusive travel destination based on Gross National Happiness (GNH) Values”.

This basically means they charge a lot for each traveller to go to Bhutan, and therefore can reduce tourism volume and maintain the peaceful environment and protect the landscape.

It also means that tourism doesn’t impact the traditional culture that they wish to preserve. 

Almost all nationalities must have a visa to travel to Bhutan and must go to Bhutan on a group tour or with a Bhutanese tour company, and pay the government fee. 

Sometimes, the Bhutanese Government also hold special initiatives to promote the country to certain countries wavering this government fee - but this seems to be on a somewhat random basis and you just chance if you’re the lucky passport holder! 

Here is a list of nationalities that need a Bhutan visa, and those that are exempt

Bhutan's Tourism Policy: Cost

The Bhutanese Government Fixed Daily Tariff:

$ 250 per person per night SPRING Season: March – April – May 

$ 250 per person per night AUTUMN Season: September – October – November.

$ 200 per person per night - Remaining Months. 

Each traveller pays $ 40 as visa fee, which is one time.


For Solo Traveler: $ 40 per night

For Two Person Traveler: $ 30 per person per night

NOTE: All fees must be paid in USD in advance to the Bhutanese tour provider or to the government. 

You cannot get your visa or visa documents until you have paid in full. 

Bhutan Travel Guide

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