How High does
the Dushanbe
Flag Fly?

The Flag pole was to hold its Guinness book of world records crown until the Jeddah Flagpole took 1st place in 2014 with its 171-metre high giant. For me, though there is something special about the flag in Dushanbe.

When visiting the capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe, many people are struck by the Dushanbe flag towering above Dushanbe's centre.

As a developing city, Dushanbe still has a lot more growth to come, as is evident by the number of construction sites. For the time being, however, the flag at the centre is still one of the most dominating structures. 

I've seen bigger I hear you say?

Well, only if you have visited the flag pole in Jedda Saudi Arabi since 2014.

At the current time, Dushanbe's flag pole is officially the worlds second tallest. 

Tajikistan Flag

Why The Large Flagpole? 

At the cost of 3.5 million USD, the flag pole was erected to celebrate Tajikistan's 20th anniversary of independence September 9th 2011.

Along with the unfurling of the flag, 10,000 Tajik troops held Military parades throughout the city. 

The event attended by officials from Russia, Afghanistan, France, Iran and India as well as the flag a further 210 Million USD was also spent on additional construction projects for the anniversary. 

dushanbe flag pole

But... How?  

The San Diego-based Trident Support constructed the flag pole at Dushanbes heart. They were also responsible for the construction of the former record-holding pole in Baku Azerbaijan.

There may have been a few puzzled looks in Baku as Trident Support completed the pole in Baku in 2010 then completed Dushanbes entry less than a year later. 

The actual pole was made in 12-meter long sections these were then assembled on-site by crane.

The project took around five months to complete and incorporates the following: 

An Electrically operated flag winch and winch control system, Flag halyard and retaining system, Heavy-duty fully rotating upper flag truck and pulley system, Custom designed anchoring systems, Aircraft warning light systems, Internal access platforms, ladders, and fall arrest system, 3-coat epoxy anti-corrosion painting system (internal & external).

The first test flight of the national flag took place in May 2011 it must have been a real spectacle as the 30 m × 60 m national Flag of Tajikistan was lifted above the capital of the nation Dushanbe. 

How Long is Dushanbe's Flagpole?

The Flag pole was to hold its Guinness book of world records crown until the Jeddah Flagpole took 1st place in 2014 with its 171-metre high giant.

For me, though there is something special about the flag in Dushanbe. I do love to sit within the Shadow of this billowing giant watching life go by in the park below, especially during a national holiday celebration. 

Highest Flagpole Rankings

In case you were wondering we have the current list of top five record-breaking flagpoles.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 170 metres 

At 170 metres, the Jeddah Flagpole in Saudi Arabia is the current king of the poles.

It is found at the centre of King Abdullah Square in Jeddah. Responsible for the design and building of the award winner are the Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiative and Al-Babtain Power & Telecom.  As above is was built and erected in September 2014, Upon its construction, the Jeddah Flagpole was to relegate the Dushanbe Flagpole to second place. 

Dushanbe, Tajikistan 165 metres 

Since 2011 Tajikistan had carried the flagpole crown with their 165 metres giant located at the heart of the capital Dushanbe.

This former champ is still impressive Supporting a 30 m × 60 m national flag which weighs a fantastic 698 Kilograms. 

Baku, Azerbaijan 162 metres 

The worlds now third tallest flagpole briefly held the crown in 2010 but was swiftly knocked of the top sport by Tajikistan. Azerbaijan's entrant is found in the appropriately named National Flag Square in the city square of Baku.

Although at the current time the Azerbaijan winner is officially not flying with rumours of safety or a possible taller affair being added. 

Kijongdong, North Korea 160 metres 

Situated in the North Korean half of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) the North Koreans would claim the flag pole world title in the 80s after competing with their southern neighbours in what many called the flag pole wars. The North Koreans are still the worlds longest title holders having held the position of worlds tallest flagpole for eleven years.

Now with Azerbaijan not flying, they may move back to third place claiming a fine bronze in the battle. 

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 133 metres  

The Ashgabat flagpole was erected on June 26th, 2008, rising above Turkmenistan's marbled capital Ashgabat.

This 133-meter giant was raised to celebrate 20 years of the countries independence. 


This is based solely on the size of a countries pole, we haven't taken into account whether it is supported by scaffolding, held wires or kept erect by any other means. 

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