Tajikistan and
Mongolia Open
For Tourism

Your chance to travel Tajikistan and Mongolia this 2021 has just come a bit closer.

Tajikistan and Mongolia 

For all travellers, adventurers, nomads, and those just a little interested, we have some potentially important news concerning travel to a couple of our destinations.

We are fully aware that this opening up process is a slow one as the world comes to grips with the awful COVID pandemic.

As the vaccination process rolls on some countries have begun to tentatively open.

We are pleased to announce that Mongolia and Tajikistan have made their first steps in resuming international tourism.

Tajikistan Opens for Travel

Tajikistan open for tourism travel

Quick Facts
Visa Process to return to pre-COVID conditions.
Negative COVID Test before travel required. 
Must arrive on direct flight (subject to change). 
Upcoming Tour: Pamir Highway Mountain Crossroads Tour.

On May 24th a formal letter was addressed to our travel partners in Dushanbe, Tajikistan from the Tajikistan Committee of Tourism Development, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It states that the visa procedures will return to the same conditions as before COVID. The process will continue according to regulations from 2017 but with the added requirement of having a negative COVID test before travel, as well as recognised vaccination certificates.

At the current time, tourists must arrive on direct flights until the land border situation with neighbouring countries is agreed.

In addition, it mentions that the country is working towards electronic visas (e-visas) for citizens of 112 countries.

Our regional tour manager, British citizen Rich Beal, has welcomed the news and is hopeful that Koryo Tours' Mountain Crossroads Tour will be able to run. Rich will also be looking at further adventures in Tajikistan but as he points out it is best to exercise caution as the news is still very early, and last year the borders were opened and then closed again in a very short time.

We will, of course, be looking at all aspects of our tours including safety, the COVID situation, and pre-and post-tour options for reliably getting both to and away from the destination.

However, the news is looking promising.

More updates to follow when we have more information!

Mongolia Opens for Travel

Mongolia open for tourism travel

Quick Facts
Tourism MAYBE from July 1st. 
Upcoming Tour: Naadam festival Tour (July)

On June 1st, T S. Ganzorig, head of the Mongolian government's Media and Public Relations Department, announced that Mongolia is officially planning to open its borders to visitors.

At the current time, this looks like it is initially for people travelling for business, work, and education, but the plan is to expand to include tourists, maybe as soon as July 1st.

July is the Nadaam period in Mongolia and is one of the most important times for locals and for visitors from abroad.

Koryo Tours has some amazing Mongolia tours listed for July and we will be able to offer private tours as well, so please let us know if you would like to consider a trip and we will be sure to keep you up to date with all possibilities.

As always keep an eye on the Koryo Tours newsletter for the latest news from Mongolia, Tajikistan, and all the amazing countries we work in - we'll get you back there soon enough!

Quoting Rich Beal, who has been at his home in Mongolia since the start of the pandemic:

"This is fantastic news for both countries, especially after spending the last six months in lockdown at home in Ulan Bataar. I am itching to get out and lead tours and will shout from the rooftops (or from the gers!) as soon as travel can be guaranteed. Both Tajikistan and Mongolia rate within my top five destinations, so any visits here with like-minded travellers in 2021 will be astounding"


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