North Korea
in March

Three reasons to visit the DPRK at the dawn of spring

March is when the cold starts to let up after three months of snow in DPRK and the country finally gets signs of warm weather. Don’t hit the peak-season in summer, instead visit DPRK in March – a perfect combination of ideal weather and no crowds

1) It is the start of a new season

Kyongchim is the 5th-7th of March. It means the period which animals are woken up by thunder from their hibernation, and as the saying goes, in March the ‘Daedong river starts to melt’. March is the perfect time to escape the busy world and enjoy a peaceful trip to the DPRK.

2) Rice planting and weeding

March is the rice planting season for locals, or as they call it, 'Monaegi 모내기'. Before the 15th Century, Koreans sprinkled the rice seeds directly on to the fields – this process is called direct seeding cultivation (직파재배법) But in the middle of the 16th century, they switched it for Monaegi planting. This type of farming involves sowing the seeds in the seedbed and growing them up to 20cm tall, then transferring them to the rice paddy.

3) The days are longer than the nights

The changing seasons means that the long nights of winter are finally coming to an end. With the longer days, there is more time to take in the sights of North Korea.

You can visit North Korea in March on our March Budget Tour.

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