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Many of us talk about getting off the beaten path… But how many of us really manage to get off it?

A trip to one of the world’s least-visited countries might just be the adventure you need. 

Many of us talk about getting off the beaten path… But how many of us really manage to get off it? Pre-pandemic times, travel was almost handed to us on a plate, and with seemingly so few places left untouched with the increasing number of tourists per year, it was getting hard to find something unique. 

However, a few countries still remain relatively untouched by tourism. Granted, this is largely due to the effort needed to get to them in the first place, but nevertheless, they are unique in that very few get to visit them every year. 

Let’s take a look closer look at 6 of the world’s least-visited countries! 

Note: Due to the nature of these countries being rarely visited, there is also little data on tourism and other countries such as warn torn countries don’t release tourism data.
This list is based on research on the internet from sources and knowledge available. 

Least Visited Countries: Nauru

Approx. 200 annual visitors

From one of the richest to one of the poorest countries in a matter of years, Nauru often contends with Tuvalu to be the world’s number 1 least visited country. 

At just 21 squared kilometres, you can walk around the country in less than a day. 

Its visa is tricky to get and it is strict on not allowing journalists in. 

Read more to find out why… 



Approx. 2000 annual visitors

An archipelago of 9 islands in the pacific ocean, it is one of the world’s most remote countries, and therefore pretty darn difficult to get to. Along with Kiribati, it is one of the island nations in the Pacific Ocean that is disappearing slowly due to rising sea levels.

What is there in Tuvalu? Think typical island-style untouched beaches, sun, sea, swimming, snorkelling… etc… etc… 


Marshall Islands

Approx. 6000 annual visitors

Another pacific island group rarely visited by tourists, the Marshall Islands is a chain of 1000 volcanic islands and islets, famed for ‘Bikini Atoll’. This was a famous site for nuclear testing from the US, and is apparently still radioactive and off-limits to visitors. 

The Marshall Islands is a famous diving area, with the highest registered species of fish in the entire world, at over 1000. 

Least Visited Countries: Kiribati

Approx. 6800 annual visitors

Another hard-to-get-to-but-beautiful pacific island country that sees few visitors annually, this island is well known for its rich culture and friendly locals. It has a total of 800 square kilometres landmass and, like its distant neighbours, are all beautiful islands of white sand beaches and turquoise waters. 


Least Visited Countries: Guyana

Approx. 3000 annual visitors

Out of the Pacific now as we head to Guyana. This country is bordered by Venezuela and Suriname in South America and is actually the only English speaking country in South America. Here you’ll be hit by a strong Caribbean influence, with rainforests, stunning landscapes and amazing rivers. 



Approx. 6000 annual visitors

Turkmenistan has been closed off from general tourism for decades, and if you want to go now you have to go through a rigorous visa application. You must go through a travel company (let us know!) and even then there is no guarantee, with authorities simply not accepting some visa applications with no further explanation given.

Entry is usually done through Istanbul, Dubai, Beijing, or a range of other places with flights to Ashgabat International Airport (formerly Ashgabat Turkmenbashi the Great Airport!)

Koryo Tours have been operating trips to Turkmenistan since 2005, we love it there and we think you will too if you visit with us. Check out our tour offers online here!

There is usually some reason that these countries are some of the world’s least visited, for example, difficult visas or sheer remoteness, but this reason is never generally because there’s nothing to do there. You can always find something to explore, certainly in these unexplored areas! 


Our sincere thanks to super-traveller Marcus Neumann for some of these photos

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