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Similar to cafes, restaurants, and just about anything in Tonga, it’s difficult to be able to give a top 5 list when there are really only a handful in total. 

Best drinking spots in Tonga, and best bars in Tonga. Similar to cafes, restaurants, and just about anything in Tonga, it’s difficult to be able to give a top 5 list when there is really only a handful in total. 

Nevertheless, it just makes you treasure what you have, and the bars in Tonga are no exception.

Love them or hate them, deal with them, and learn to enjoy it. Because that’s all you’ve got!  


One of three actual drinking establishments (bar or club) in Tonga, Billfish is pretty much the one to visit. You’ll find foreigners here who’ve been coming to this same bar for over 10 years. Located looking out to the seafront, near to the Ha’apai and Vava’u ferry terminal, it’s a fair walk out of town so you might want to get a taxi. Nevertheless, the “journey” is worth it. 

At Billfish, you will find events on every night, such as karaoke, quiz nights, and live music. 

Open from 11 am, the atmosphere is pretty chilled until 7 or 8 pm when, depending on what night of the week it is, people start filling up the bar and it gets a bit noisy. 

It is decorated in a way you’d expect any bar to be decorated that’s situated just by the sea and has the name ‘Billfish’. Particularly notable is the entrance, which is designed on the Ha’amonga trilithon located on the eastern tip of the island. 

The whole place is spacious and airy, with large wooden tables and wooden beams making up most of the furnishings. There is also an outdoor space with limited seating, and mainly used as a smoking area.

There are a range of drinks on offer, including various bottled beer, Steinlager on tap, wine, and mixers and cocktails. 

Plus, if you’re planning to stick around a long time, why not try to enter their 100 club - get a free beer every time you go in after you’ve had 100 of them there. 

There is also a menu of pretty sophisticated pub food, but it is notoriously slow coming out. So make sure you put an hour or two aside to put away some pints whilst you’re waiting for your Fisherman’s Basket to come out. 

No frills drinking and dining, but pretty much exactly what you want out of a good pub. 

Nauti Rubys

Nauti Rubys is located just a few minute’s walk down back to town way from Billfish, but on the other side of the road (on the same side as the sea, meaning that if you have a few too many you might have a bit of a wet tumble). It’s right next to the Evergreen Chinese restaurant - you can’t miss the bright red ‘Nauti Ruby's' sign! 

Nauti Ruby’s is the “club” in Tonga. And it seems to be one of those for the young’ens. Like when you were underage and always had that one club that just let anyone in? Then as you got older you’d keep going for the laughs and nostalgia but you’d always wake up with a pounding head and lots of regret?

Nauti Ruby’s is kind of like that. So not all bad, but not all good, either. 

It has a pretty nice space both inside and outside, but the outside is sheltered. There’s also a pool table there, but to use it you should go earlier in the evening. 

There is an entry fee that varies but is never too pricey. 


Reload is a smaller bar with an upstairs and downstairs. It’s situated in the centre of Nuku’alofa so it’s great if you don’t want to go too far from town, or you want to have a beer on the way home. 

You get to the upstairs via some precariously placed, what look like fire escape stairs. Definitely not drunk-person friendly, but all adds to the fun, I suppose! 

The downstairs gets pretty busy in the evening and of a weekend, as well as the upstairs. But throughout the daytime, it’s pretty quiet. Expect lots of dancing, and also some karaoke if you’re upstairs! A favourite with local Tongans. 


Not a bar in Tonga, but definitely one of the best places to drink. Seaview has a small selection of wines and beers that are also on happy hour. But they are really great for the cocktails they offer. 

You can enjoy a great island-inspired cocktail on a summer’s evening or afternoon sitting on the deck, overlooking the sea, and enjoying some tapas whilst you’re at it, too. 

It’s a bit fancy here, so take the opportunity to get dressed up for those cocktails! 

Usually pretty quiet, unless there is a big group in! 

The Top 

Again, not a bar in Tonga, but a pretty high-class restaurant. Nevertheless, it’s one of my favourite places in Tonga to get a drink for its amazing views over the city and outer islands as the sun is setting, as well as some great cocktails during happy hour.

They also have beer on tap as well as a good selection of wines. 


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