Turn Back the Clock Thursday
- Ryugyong Hotel Special
Report! (from 2012)

Photos from our 2012 visit to the Ryugyong Hotel

This post was originally published September 28, 2012. We repost today to highlight some of the unique architecture around the DPRK, following the recent opening of Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang to tourists.

To date the Ryugyong Hotel is not yet open to tourists.

Koryo Tours Special Report - We've been up the Ryugyong!

On Sept 23rd Koryo Tours' staff were taken to the top of the enigmatic and oddly iconic 105 storey Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang - we were the first foreigners allowed to take pictures there and are able to print a handful of shots of the ground floor and the open air viewing platform more than 300 metres up.

The view was incredible and breathtaking indeed! The inside of the building still has substantial work to be done but the structure of the lobby and dining area and conference room (all on the ground floor) were visible, sources at the site suggest 2 or 3 more years until projected completion at which time hotel rooms, office space, and long term rentals will be available.

Until then the memories of a view over Pyongyang that many have imagined but few have experienced remain with us. As soon as the building can be occupied we will of course offer tours staying there - stay tuned for further info that we'll beam from the top of the tower!

Please see below a few magnificent photos from our visit:

Hotel view from a distance
Picture from outside the hotel
Inside the hotel
Inside the hotel
Find the Korean lady in the picture and the size of what will become the main dining room becomes clear
Looking towards the top
Hannah from Koryo Tours made speechless by the view
Simon from Koryo Tours at the top of the Hotel

Kind regards from all of us at Koryo Tours.

'Turn Back the Clock Thursday' brings you views of Korea from more than two decades of Koryo Tours' trips to the DPRK and images in the public domain.

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