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We were extremely pleased this year to have been able to launch our pilot teaching programme in Pyongyang

When it comes to teaching in North Korea there have been a handful of programmes offered to semi-casual visitors in the past. Here at Koryo, we’ve never fully pursued any of those occasional opportunities, as we’ve long been committed to finding the right systemic approach, so we can provide the students in Pyongyang with real quality, in an area where we can genuinely contribute something worthwhile, and of lasting value.

We’re extremely pleased, therefore, to have been able to launch our pilot teaching programme in 2016, when we sent Hong Kong-based education specialist, Ronny Mintjens, to teach at the Pyongyang Tourism College this summer. Mintjens was very highly regarded by both the staff and the students at the school, and is the first overseas teacher to have been awarded a certificate of achievement there.

Given the success of Mintjens’s summer placement at the Pyongyang Tourism College we are now looking for other highly qualified and highly motivated teachers to continue this programme. The Pyongyang Tourism College is particularly interested in developing its students’ skills in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Russian.

If you think you have the necessary experience, qualifications and motivation, then please do get in touch, and we can begin to discuss if and how you may be able to take part in this unique and progressive teaching programme.

Hong Kong-based education specialist Ronny Mintjens in action
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