How Koreans celebrate
Party Foundation

4 ways to mark this important day in North Korea

North Koreans refer to the Party as 'the Mother Party' (어머니당). It was founded on October 10, 1945

This year marks the 73rd anniversary of that significant event in North Korean history. Here are some ways in which North Koreans might celebrate.

1. Visit the Party Foundation Monument

The monument was erected in October 1995 on Munsu Street in Pyongyang. The 50m high monument depicts the hammer, sickle and brush symbolizing the workers, farmers and intellectuals.

2. Mass dancing

Koreans are experts with the word 'mass': mass games, massive military parades on special occasions and mass dances. There will be many Korean students in front of the Party Foundation Monument or Grand Theatre dressed in their traditional clothes doing the mass dances in celebration of this holiday. The most popular dance is called the Mudohoe.

3. Visit the Juche Tower

The 170m high tower on the bank of Taedong River symbolises the Juche idea of Socialism, which is also the guiding ideology of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

4. Visit the Party Foundation Museum

Learn about modern Korean history at the Party Foundation Museum. It was opened in 1970 and is located on Haebang Hill, near downtown.

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