Did you know Koryo Tours also arranges private independent tours to Turkmenistan?

Travel to Turkmenistan with Koryo Tours

Turkmenistan is the least visited country in Central Asia. Unlike other countries in the region (and the world), Turkmenistan has a relatively opaque visa requirements and criteria. The inner workings of the elusive transit visa are relatively unknown, while all those entering the country on a tourist visa must do so as part of an organised tour.

Since 2005, Koryo Tours has arranged regular group tours to Turkmenistan. Both our annual May and October provide a fascinating and well-rounded introduction to this enigmatic country over the course of a week. Our local partners in Ashgabat have a good track record at obtaining the Letter of Invitation needed for tourists visas.

However, we recognise our group tour dates may not meet the needs of all potential travellers, and, in the end, even the best group tours may not be for everyone, and so also offer private independent tour packages in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan Independent Tours

Koryo Tours can arrange private independent tours to Turkmenistan any time of the year starting from Ashgabat or one of the overland border crossings with Uzbekistan, Iran, or Kazakhstan.

We can design tours similar to our group tours, around the highlights of the country, or special interests such as hiking or history. A short tour 3-4 night tour can visit Ashgabat, Turkmenistan's marbled capital, with a jaunt up to the flaming Darvaza Gas Crater in the middle of the Karakum Desert. Longer tours of a week or more can explore more of this fascinating country. Travel west to the stunning Yagykala Canyon - Central Asia's Grand Canyon - and the Caspian seashore at Turkmenbashi, travel north to historic Konye Urgench, or east to ancient Merv and the 'Dinosaur Plateau'.

The price of the tour will depend largely on the length of travel, number of travellers in your group, transport, and type of accommodation. On enquiry, please let us know about your group size, preferred time of travel, and any specific interests you might have. Please allow sometime for turn around for an accurate quote.

Our partners in Ashgabat can also help to book tickets on Turkmenistan Airlines.

Obtaining a Turkmenistan Tourist Visa

Our local partners in Ashgabat have an excellent track record at obtaining the Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation needed for tourists visas for a wide range of nationalities, backgrounds, and occupations.

Rejections are possible, but it is also possible to reapply. We strongly advice planning your travel and applying for the Letter of Invitation as early as possible to allow time for possible reapplications.

Please note we can only apply for the Letter of Invitation as part of an organised tour package including accommodation, transport, and local guide service. We cannot arrange the Letter of Invitation in conjunction with travel and accommodation booked independently since it can cause issues for our partners, the local inviter. We ask all travellers to respect the position of our local partners.

When the the Letter of Invitation is issued, we will send an electronic copy to print and carry with you for arrival in Turkmenistan. The physical visa can be obtained on arrival. The cost of the visa varies by nationality.

For more details on our Turkmenistan independent tours, feel free to contact us.

Updated 11 November 2018.

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