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It’s difficult to do a ‘top 5’ list of the best cafes in Tonga when there are barely 5 that make up the whole list… But let’s have a look at them, anyway! 

Where to grab a good coffee in Tonga? Or a good breakfast? 

In this blog we have a look at some of the best cafes in Tonga (on Tongatapu main island). 

It’s difficult to do a ‘top 5’ list of the best cafes in Tonga when there are barely 5 that make up the whole list… But let’s have a look at them, anyway! 


Hard to not have this on the best restaurants in Tonga list too, Friends cafe doubles up as a restaurant in the evening. It’s in a beautiful old colonial-era building right in the middle of town, opposite the New Zealand High Commission. You can go here at 7 am for a coffee, or 7 pm and grab a glass of wine. The menu items include breakfast items, lunch, and dinner options, and also include both Tongan and western cuisine. There are freshly baked pastries every day and also various cakes.

The staff here are very friendly and you can expect great service! Aside from this, the atmosphere is all-round good, with Tongan art decorating the walls, wooden tables, and open plan seating. 

A great place to watch the world go by!

Indoor and outdoor seating. 

Escape Cafe

Escape Cafe is great on a hot summer’s day when you just need some air conditioning.

They offer a wide range of food and also offer vegetarian and vegan options. It’s located just a few minutes' walk from Friends next to the Western Union. 

Indoor seating only. Veggie/Vegan friendly. 

Coffee Post 

Just to the right of Friends on the other side of the road, you’ll find Coffee Post. This is a small coffee shop that gets full pretty quickly, known for its great breakfasts and a frequent haunt of many locals. There are also a few lunch items.

It has a selection of various healthy dishes, but the options are quite limited for lunch. Nevertheless, you can grab a protein-rich smoothie or a strong coffee in the morning from here! 

What I love about this place is the atmosphere. Sit outside in the morning and watch the rush hour traffic go by!

Indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor seating limited. 

Juice Bar Tonga 

Not particularly a cafe you’d sit in, and it sells neither tea nor coffee; nevertheless, I was very happy to see a smoothie bar pop up in Nuku’alofa! Just next door to Marcos Pizzeria restaurant, pick up a healthy smoothie or some light food to go.

With frequent new items being added to the menu, and new smoothies being added regularly, it’s always a nice surprise going into the Juice Bar. All smoothies are made with coconut milk, and have the option to add on things such as using soy milk or adding protein powder etc. 

They also do light food including various types of sushi and burritos. 

Takeaway only. 


A hidden gem - quite literally. Hard to find, but not hard to forget. Once you’ve found this place, you’ll keep going back.

Located pretty inland in pretty much the middle of nowhere about 10 minutes out of the center, this cafe grows and processes its own coffee beans. You can try their own coffee out in the cafe or bring some beans home! 

There is also a small menu for breakfast/lunch, including omelet, fried eggs, etc. 

Indoor and outdoor seating. 

Young’s Kitchen

A cafe just off the main street in the center of town, Young’s Kitchen is run by a lovely Korean couple.

The vibe inside is very ‘western-style Korean cafe’. They brew their own coffee, and it’s a great place to cool down and have a bit of an escape. It’s cool, fresh, open, and the staff are lovely too. Menu items range from some nice Korean-style teas to Korean and western food. 

Indoor seating only. 

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