2016 in review:
3DPRK goes

Our North Korean 3D photo project, 3DPRK, reached a new dimension this year, with galleries galore, and an end-of-year book launch

We’re best known for our tourism work, of course, but another of Koryo’s specialities is arranging and producing art-based projects that engage with (and shed light upon) North Korea as much as possible. One that came into its own this year was 3DPRK — our photography project with Slovenian 3D maestro Matjaž Tančič.

This is one of the best DPRK art projects we’ve been involved with for a while, with Tančič shooting 3D portraits of North Koreans from very different parts of the country, thanks to the efforts and production skills of Koryo’s Vicky Mohieddeen. The duo managed to find some amazing characters during their odyssey across the DPRK, and Tančič’s extraordinary 3D work means you can see them now too, and as never before.

Last year, the exhibition that accompanies this project had its global debut in Pyongyang itself, with a public show that we made sure was open to regular citizens to come by and enjoy the 3D experience.

As the country’s first-ever (public) art photo exhibition by a Westerner, it’s no surprise that the show was a roaring success with local visitors, and become a talking point around the city for weeks on end.

3DPRK has since toured a number of galleries and shows in North America, Europe and Asia, and, this year, touched down in Hong Kong, where it is still on display at Pekin Fine Arts.

If you’re in the area then do yourself a favour and go see it! And if you can’t make the journey to Hong Kong then why not spend a few pennies on a portable version?

That’s right: this year also saw the long-awaited launch of the 3DPRK book, which was released in November 2016. There are only 1,000 copies in existence, so if you’re interested in owning a copy, then it can be ordered from here.

Put on those 3D glasses, and go on your own voyage of discovery, as Tančič introduces you to the kinds of people we encounter on our tours, through the magic of his lovely lens.

3DPRK: the book
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