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Mt Myohyang



Mt Myohyang or the ‘mountain of mysterious fragrance’, is one of Korea’s ‘Five Famous Mountains’.

It is located in North Korea's Northwest

It is most notable for housing the enormous International Friendship Exhibition.

The region is also home to many ancient treasures allowing for a fully rounded travel experience through the history and scenery of Korea.


International Friendship Exhibition

An enormous exhibition built into Mt. Myohyang housing treasures gifted to the nation’s leaders from organisations, world leaders and foreign states from all over the world.

Notable gifts include a plane from the USSR, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan from the US State Department, an ivory lion from Tanzania, a crocodile-skin suitcase from Fidel Castro, and an armoured train car from Chairman Mao.

Ryongmun Caves

A subterranean complex of limestone caves and grottoes beneath Mt Myohyang. A local guide takes visitors down to see the unique limestone shapes carved out over millions of years and listen to the local legends surrounding the area.

Manpok Valley Hike

Various options for hiking around Mt Myohyang with a full range of distances and difficulty levels. Walkers pass waterfalls, hermitages, rock formations, forests and viewing points. Perfect for a picnic.

Pohyon Buddhist Temple 

This Buddhist Temple in the Mt. Myohyang mountain range is one of North Korea's national treasures. It was founded under the Koryo Dynasty at the start of the 11th century.

Hiking in Mt. Myohyang

There are over 55km of hiking trails in this area, easy, difficult, tree-lined, passing waterfalls, to remote hermitages, etc. All kinds of options for walks and hikes are possible here.


Huichon Hotel

Basic hotel located 30 minutes from the northernmost side of Myohyang. Excellent local food, vastly different from the capital. On-site sauna available but limited electricity. Anyone wishing to visit all the provinces will be inclined to visit this hotel since it’s just over the border in Chagang province which is otherwise devoid of tourists.

Chongchon Hotel

Basic accommodation for foreign tourists at Mt Myohyang. Book and souvenir shop, billiards, ping pong and karaoke are all available here.

Hyangsan Hotel

The fanciest hotel in North Korea. Renovated in 2010, this hotel is the only hotel with internet access for guests. Excellent swimming pool, lovely location however it is a pricey option for visitors.


The Mt Myohyang Tourist Highway passes through Anju on its way to the mountain from Pyongyang.

Expect a drive of 2.5-3 hours from the low lying agricultural plains of South Pyongan up into the mountains of the northern provinces.

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