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Vloggers are everywhere these days...even in the DPRK

As we all know, even those of us secure behind the Great Firewall, YouTube has revolutionized how many people consume media, and created a whole new breed of content creators and types of content itself. One of the most popular YouTube genres is travel videos, and with North Korea being a place that one can of course travel to (with Koryo Tours, naturally) there is an emerging and growing set of video diaries of trips taken into the DPRK. Here we will profile some of the best.

Drew Binksy

Drew travelled to Pyongyang with us to take part in the 2017 Pyongyang Marathon and produced an excellent short video about the experience. So far he has racked up nearly 4m views, and he deserves far more!

Jakob Laukaitis

Jakob also travelled with Koryo Tours (solid choice, Jakob!). His video has been seen by nearly 10m folks and even though there are a fair few of the usual 'Was it real?' kind of comments beloved by those reporting on their travels, it is still an excellent snapshot of the experience of visiting. Check it out!

Indigo Traveller

Indigo Traveller was on a tour with us in June of this year (2018) and has put together a really good series of films about the trip. If you wanted to help him make more videos, check out his Patreon.

Of course YouTube isn’t the only forum for sharing experiences, and all these videos are edited and published after the tour. With the high cost of internet in North Korea this is often the only way to do such a thing. But in July 2018 DaveInOsaka has been broadcasting on various platforms live from North Korea, such as Twitter and Periscope.

Naturally we at Koryo Tours ourselves maintain a range of social media channels. You can find and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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