Hamhung, North Korea
– Where is it and
Why Should You Visit?

Take a beach holiday in North Korea with a visit to Hamhung

Hamhung is located on the East Coast of North Korea. North Korea’s second largest city, yet remains generally unheard of. A popular travel destination for North Koreans, but rarely visited by foreign tourists. The beaches of Hamhung are clean and empty, and the clear sea looks out over to Japan.

Here’s why you should visit Hamhung.

Every visit to North Korea will include a tour of Pyongyang, the DPRK’s capital, where you can see famous sights such as the Juche Tower and the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

But if you have a bit of extra time when you visit North Korea, it’s worth taking the time to get off the beaten path and visit Hamhung.

We are especially keen on this rarely seen and often underrated area because we were the first travel company to take tourists there since the end of the Cold War!

And that’s not to mention that it’s a perfect spot for a North Korean beach holiday.

Read on for more…!

1. Location

Hamhung is North Korea’s second largest city after Pyongyang.

Hamhung is over on the east coast of the DPRK, so you’ll get a totally different insight into what makes North Korea tick if you visit this part of the DPRK

2. Stay at North Korea’s premier beach guesthouse

The Majon Beach Guesthouse is basic but comfortable, and the chalets have a rustic charm not far from the coastline that makes Hamhung so special. Not many foreigners visit Hamhung, so it’s likely that you’ll have the North Korean beach all to yourself! So you can enjoy a peaceful morning dip, followed by a beach campfire or clam BBQ with Soju and a glass of Taedonggang North Korean beer.

3. Soak up one of the ‘Eight Great Sights of Korea’

Take a scenic drive through the highlands above Hamhung to take in the Pujon Stone River, one of the country’s most picturesque spots. The river runs down to a spot that was used as a base for the anti-Japanese guerrillas during the colonial period. What better place to learn even more about fascinating North Korean history when you visit the DPRK?

4. Visit the Hungnam Fertiliser Factory

This massive factory in Hamhung produces various kinds of fertilisers that help produce agriculture across North Korea. A museum is also on the site, as it is the place where Kim Il Sung uttered his famous phrase:

“Fertiliser is rice. And rice, itself, is Communism”

There’s also a bust of Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, to mark Chinese contributions to the plant. Hamhung is one of the few places in North Korea where you can see signs of influence from other countries.

5. Learn the meaning of the phrase ‘Hamhung messenger’

Back in the 14th century, a Korean king named Ri Song Kye retired to Hamhung to escape the trials and tribulations of ruling a kingdom. He executed anyone sent by his successor and son, who was pleading with him to come back to Seoul. You can read more about this famous Korean story on our blog, and when you visit Hamhung you can see the pavilions where all this bloodshed took place!

Hamhung. Have we convinced you?

Take a look at some of our upcoming tours to the DPRK that include trips to Hamhung. Try our Unseen North Korea Tour or our Party Foundation Day Tour, both of which will take you to Hamhung on the east coast of North Korea, the perfect place to get off the beaten path in the DPRK!

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