'Day of the Sun' in
North Korea is no more
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North Korea to change name of 'Day of the Sun' holiday

North Korea 'Day of the Sun'
No Longer Used

Update: April 25 2024

Koryo Tours has been informed by our North Korean partners that the phrase 'Day of the Sun' is being phased out in North Korea. It will no longer be used. 

The Day of the Sun was the name that referred to the holiday in North Korea celebrating the birth of Kim Il Sung from 1997 to 2024. 

This phase was used at certain points for the April 2024 celebrations, but indeed notably less than in previous years and not found in written media. It is for this reason we presume it to be a gentle phase-out.

This has not been announced by state media in the DPRK. However, such gradual elimination of phrases is generally not announced. Rather, they are simply just phased out.

This could be one of those instances. 

Nevertheless, without any official announcement, we have been reassured multiple times by our North Korean partners that this phase is indeed to be no longer used. We will be reflecting this change throughout our website. 

Day of the Sun New Term?

Koryo Tours has not been informed that there is a new specific term to replace this.

Rather, this term is simply not in use anymore. 

About the Day of the Sun (i.e. 'Kim Il Sung's Birthday')

This is a significant holiday in North Korea. It is celebrated annually on 15 April. This day commemorates the birth of President Kim Il Sung, a pivotal figure in North Korean history.

This year, 2024, marks the 112th anniversary of his birth in the Juche 113 calendar.

North Korea comes alive during this holiday with vibrant festivities and favourable spring weather. It's an opportune time for tourists to immerse themselves in the culture and witness the country's deep reverence for its founding leader.

Key Events and Activities

- Mass Dances: Public dancing events that are a spectacle to behold, showcasing unity and celebration.

- Fireworks at Kim Il Sung Square: A dazzling display that lights up the night sky in honour of the President's legacy.

- Kim Ilsungia Flower Festival: An exhibition displaying the beautiful Kim Ilsungia flowers, named after the President.  

- Special Performances: Circus acts and other entertainment offerings that captivate audiences.

Historical Sites to Visit

A visit to North Korea during Kim Il Sung's Birthday offers opportunities to explore places with significant historical ties to Kim Il Sung:

- Mansudae Grand Monuments

- Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

- Mangyongdae Nativehouse

You might find on this day that you will come across many locals relaxing and having fun in public areas such as parks, visiting the flower exhibition, or joining in mass dances. 

And maybe even a karaoke session you can join in on, too! 

Pyongyang Marathon

The Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon, now known as the Pyongyang Marathon, is held around Kim Il Sung's Birthday. This marathon offers a unique way to experience the holiday, combining sports and celebration.

Koryo Tours offers both group and private tours tailored for the Day of the Sun. The demand for these tours is usually very high. We usually recommend early booking to secure your spot.

North Korea Border Updates

For updates on the North Korean border opening, make sure to check our page which is frequently updated. 

North Korean Border Opening Updates

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