Travel Documentaries in
North Korea: from Andy
Kershaw to Michael Palin

Some links to some of the travel documentaries in the DPRK arranged by Koryo Tours!

On Monday this week (May 21st) it was announced by Channel 5 (in the UK) that Michael Palin, of Monty Python fame and Britain’s best known travel show presenter, had been in North Korea filming a travel documentary.

We at Koryo Tours eagerly await the release of this program as we are sure it will be an eye-opening look into a country we have been taking tourists to visit for the last 25 years, we are excited to see how Michael and his crew view and experience the places we know well and hope that this brings information about travel opportunities to the DPRK to a whole new audience.

The program is expected to be aired in the UK in September so there isn’t long to wait, in the meantime though anyone interested in travel documentaries could check these programs, some examples of travel shows that Koryo Tours made possible!

The one that started it all! UK Channel 4’s Travelogue – presented by the great Andy Kershaw – all the way back in 1996!

Departures – two adventurous Canadians and Koryo Tours head honcho Nick Bonner go on an adventure across North Korea – seemingly not available in full online (a great pity, as it is an excellent show indeed), check out these clips on their visit to a Water Factory, Primary School, and the Arirang Mass Games

3 op reis – Netherlands TV legend Floortje Dessing goes to the DPRK for this excellent travel show (it is in Dutch and English)

Reizen Waes – Belgian presenter Tom Waes makes a trip to North Korea with Koryo Tours. Full episode (in Flemish and English)

Your turn now Michael!

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