The Pyongyang
Marathon Changes
its Name

The Pyongyang Marathon, previously known as the 'Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon' has officially changed its name to 'Pyongyang International Marathon'.

After several years of running under a different name, the Pyongyang Marathon has decided to change its official name.

As the official partners of the Pyongyang Marathon, we are pleased to announce that new name to you today.

Pyongyang Marathon New Name

For many years, the Pyongyang Marathon has simply been the informal name of the event officially known as the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon.

Now, we are pleased to announce officially that this has changed and the new, official, name of this race is the Pyongyang International Marathon.


This may seem like a small change, but it does remove some confusion for a lot of people as some folks did wonder if the marathon took place in Mangyongdae (a suburb of Pyongyang) rather than the city itself.

Now, the new name harmonises the official and the commonly-used names of the race.

What is Mangyongdae?

Mangyongdae (meaning 'place of ten thousand scenic views') is the area of the city where DPRK founder Kim Il Sung was born. His native home is a significant tourist attraction and a site of local pilgrimage.

The race was named for this area as it takes place around the anniversary of this birth (April 15th) every year.

Learn more about this site with our Koryo Tours Travel Guide to the Mangyongdae Native House.

New Pyongyang Marathon Logo?

We expect a new logo to be issued and will announce when that happens.

For those who are immediately nostalgic about the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon logo then here is it below on one of the 2019 finishers' medals.

Pyongyang Marathon 2023 - CANCELLED

Unfortunately, the Pyongyang Marathon 2023 has now been officially cancelled. 

See here for more information.

Pyongyang Marathon 2024

Tours are now available for enquiry and booking for the 2024 Pyongyang Marathon (Pyongyang International Marathon).

See here for a full list of Pyongyang Marathon Tours


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