Koryo Tours Weekly
Roundup - October
8-15, 2017

A recap of the past week at Koryo Tours and around the neighbourhood: North Korean maps, short Hanboks, Fred Armisen, and National Geographic

· The Facebook Page of the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang posted photos from a recently published DPRK world map that includes Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. The Kuril Islands, disputed with Japan, are recognized as part of Russia by the DPRK.

· Koreaboo.com, harbinger of the ‘Latest K-Pop News’ (shudder), presented a photo series of ‘Girls are wearing hanboks with skirts now, and Koreans aren’t sure how they feel about it’. The modified choson-ot, the proper name in North Korea, trend is old-hat in Pyongyang among young women and students during the summer time and for outdoor activities, such as mass dances. The northern versions, of course, don’t get as short as in the south.

· Fred Armisen is part Korean! Read about how the American comedian recently discovered his Korean roots at Angry Asian Man Blog. Or, watch Episode 2 of Finding Your Roots, a television show of PBS in the US. Armisen’s hidden family history is reminiscent of similar stories from Korea and the region.

· The National Geographic Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the world - and National Geographic editors have selected Koryo Tours’ short film '3DPRK: Photographing North Korea' to be included on their website!

· Speaking of roundups, our October Turkmenistan Tour just finished (see here for some tour notes from the trip), during which we visited a horse farm. As for our next tour with horses is Mongolia: Land of the Winter Horse Tour in February! We go back to Turkmenistan in May and October 2018 to round up these horses.

All the best from Yanbian Korean Autonomous Region in northeast China!

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