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Our blog is now RSS Feed compatible. Add to your RSS Reader to stay up to date on tourism news, insider views, and vinyl reviews!

In addition to The Koryo Courier, bringing you the latest news from Koryo Tours, like a sighting of one Rex. T at the DMZ, we currently have a number of blog series covering a wide range of aspects related to the DPRK:

The Koryo Academy is a regular posting on Korean history, culture, and art. The latest posting by Koryo Tours' founder Nicholas Bonner discussed mosaics in the modern DPRK.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the DPRK – Practical tips for travel in Korea. Ever want to learn how to do the Mass Dance? 'Learn the Mass Dance' by the Guide gives a short introduction with a link to an instructional video.

Hotels of the DPRK is a blog posting dedicated to the fascinating world of accommodations in North Korea. Check out #hotelsofnorthkorea and #hotelsofdprk on Instagram.

Northern Exposures (new!) is a primer to the language of today’s DPRK and northern Korea. It aims to introduce useful vocabulary, phrases, and grammar relevant to the region and related context to students of the Korean language. It assumes basic knowledge of Korean script. Here is the link to Lesson 1.

A Pyongyang Home Companion is a guide to daily life in Korea: how-to, food, sports, modern culture, and romance. Look out for their upcoming blog on Korean shoes!

Pyongyang Review of Books (PYRB) is a modest literary review of books from the DPRK and Korea related topics. Regular visitors and browsers of Pyongyang’s bookstores. You can also follow PYRB on Instagram!

Turn Back the Clock Thursdays brings you 'then and now' views of Korea from more than two decades of Koryo Tours' trips to the DPRK and images in the public domain. Read the latest post on the new remix of the Koryo Hotel lobby.

Yanggak Island Discs is a regular posting on songs from old North Korean vinyls. Follow the Yanggak Island Discs Sound Cloud for more recordings of featured songs.

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