A sample of our
North Korea Beer
Industry Tour!

A short video on our upcoming brewery and beer industry tour in May

This May, Koryo Tours will be running our second annual North Korea Beer Industry Tour as part of our new lineup of specialist tours to the DPRK.

Koryo Tours' specialist tours focus are designed around specific themes or activities accompanied by tour leaders well-versed and passionate about the subject at hand, while also covering the main highlights in North Korea. Unlike our regular group tours and budget tours, spaces are limited, so book early!

This year's North Korea Beer Industry Tour is set to run from 27 May to 1 June, 2019, and scheduled to visit three breweries in the DPRK and sample a wide variety of the country's brews.

If you are passionate about how beer is made and keen to learn about this well-developed industry in one of the world's least visited countries, then this is the tour for you. Our previous tour brought together brewers and beer enthusiast from around the world to meet and discuss beer with their North Korean counterparts and industry specialists.

For a sample of our North Korean Beer Industry Tour, check out this short video below. Cheers!

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