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'The Defenders on
1211 Height' (1963)

Introduction and analysis to a North Korean Feature Film about the Korean People's Army

This North Korean Feature Film gives a fairly straightforward account of the heroics of a Korean People’s Army (KPA) unit holding a hill identified only by it’s number. Movies reveling in the glorification of the North Korean military taking on overwhelming odds; in this case a vastly better armed and supplied US military, but emerging cloaked in either glorious victory or glorious martyrdom have proven popular over the past few decades in the DPRK (as films with similar themes but different geographical settings have been throughout the world) and are regarded as not only entertainment but also tools to educate new generations of Korean film fans to look up to the exploits of the military acting in defense of the country and instill patriotic pride in these achievements.

The film gives an impressive picture of the heroic struggle of the defenders of Height 1211 who defended the hill with their blood, crushing the assaults of the enemy scores of times a day.

From the book, Korean Film Art – published in 1985 by Korean Film Export Import Corporation

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