Michael Palin in North
Korea Special Edition
| Pyongyang Diary

A new edition of 'Michael Palin in North Korea' featuring the Koryo Tours office.

'Michael Palin in North Korea Special Edition'

Michael Palin (at right) and Koryo Tours founder Nick Bonner at the DMZ. Photo by Doug Dreger.

Koryo Tours is delighted that our friend Michael Palin and his team have been nominated for not one but TWO BAFTA for ‘Michael Palin in North Korea’!

We were the executive producers for this unique series and spent two years arranging access for filming. The result was a documentary like no other that looked deep into the lives of North Koreans across the country, and showed a side to the DPRK that is rarely represented in the media.

The program ended up being one of the biggest events on British television last year, watched by millions of people.

We’re proud that we could help make something like this happen.

See below for 'Michael Palin in North Korea Special Edition' from Channel 5. Learn more about Koryo Tours film projects on our film page.

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