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'Order No. 027'

Synopsis and analysis to a North Korean film about a commando squad.

One of the more entertaining and accessible of the DPRK’s war- and military-themed movies, this is also perhaps one of the most widely viewed North Korean films due to it being the very first film ever shown as an in-flight movie on Air Koryo, the DPRK’s state airline, when a new plane with TV screens was bought and put into operation in 2008.

Featuring exciting thematic elements such as international espionage, bar fights, romantic intrigue and a spectacular and well-choreographed martial arts set-piece on a boat as the North Korean commando squad who have been issued with Order No. 027 use their superior Taekwondo skills to overcome numerically superior odds, on their way to fulfilling their crucial assignment. All this is capped off with the ultimate unmissable military movie theme – heroic sacrifice by the leading man in order to save his unit and ensure the success of the mission. A well-paced and highly watchable film and a good introduction for anyone interested in developing an interest in DPRK war movies.

Unfortunately there is no official printed information currently available regarding this film.

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