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'A Girl Barber'

Synopsis and analysis to a North Korean Feature Film about a girl who commits herself to her job despite her family's wishes.

Simply put, 'if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again' is the message of this movie. Despite her initial unsuitability for the role of a barber, Yun Hui commits herself to the task even against family objections (and given the high importance accorded to the views of family elders in Korea this is significant) and overcomes her initial mistakes to become respected and well loved by her clientele. A fundamentally simple story of hard-work leading to the characters all learning important life-lessons and becoming better people.

Finishing the secondary school course, Yun Hui volunteers to be a barber though she has better alternatives. Her mother and sister-in-law, who is also a barber, are not happy with her choice. Full of dreams, Yun Hui works hard to improve her skill. Once she makes herself a laughing stock by cutting the hair of a bridegroom into a clumsy style. But she does not flinch. She makes steady efforts to become a true server who gives pleasure and happiness to people. One day her mother goes to enjoy a volleyball match. There, she is surprised and overwhelmed with happiness to see many people of the audience expressing respects to see her daughter.

From the book, Korea Film – published in 2008 by Korea Film Export & Corporation

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