April 25 is Military
Foundation Day
in North Korea

Some notes on 4.25 and the day's significance in North Korea.

Today 25 April is Military Foundation Day in North Korea. The day marks the anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in 1932.

In North Korea, the numbers '4.25' represent both the day and the military itself - the Korean People's Army (KPA), which includes ground forces, air force, navy, strategic rocket forces, special operations, and Worker-Peasant Red Guards. Anything with '4.25' in its name - whether it be a cultural palace, a factory, or a football team - are tied to the military.

The KPA is one of the largest institutions in the country and is actively involved not only defense but also the construction, logistics, agriculture, and trade. It also has its own stores, restaurants, hospitals, and film studio.

There are other military themed holidays throughout the year. This year our Youth Day Short Budget Tour (27-30 August) and Youth Day Long Budget Tour (27 August-1 September) visit Korea during 'Navy Day'... Good idea.

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