A Pyongyang Home
Companion No. 6.5:
Potongang Sandals

Some more local shoes from Korea

In May we blogged about undonghwa, a common type of North Korea shoe, in a Pyongyang Home Companion No.6. Today we bring you some photos of Potong River brand slippers spotted at the Huichon Hotel, Jagang Province. In the logo each of the three stylised syllables in 'Potonggang' (보통강) form part of a mountain, presumably indicating the source of the river in the Korean hinterland.

For more photos of North Korean foot ware and fashion, check out jeskimojay and vickinam on Instagram. The latter 'has a firm belief that anything interesting one can see in Pyongyang is south of the ankle.'

A Pyongyang Home Companion is a guide to daily life in Korea: how-to, food, sports, modern culture, and romance.

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