Victory Day and
Liberation Day in
North Korea, 1953

Photographs from July-August 1953 from a Chinese newspaper at the time.

Today is the Victory Day (7.27) holiday in North Korea, the holiday marking the signing of the armistice agreement ending the Korean War in 1953. Today marks the 65th year of the end of the armistice and there is talk that this year or next may see the formal end of the war in a peace treaty.

Today we bring you some photos from the days and weeks immediately following 27 July 2018 from a Chinese newspaper at the time. We only have these scraps saved from the original paper, so we don’t know which one!

The captions below each photo were originally written in traditional Chinese characters.

Armistice Commission talks held at Panmunjom on the morning of 28 July 1953, the first day following the ceasefire, at 11:00 AM. Photo by Qian Si Jie.
Exchange of armistice documents at Panmunjom on 29 July 1953. Photo by Qian Si Jie.
Conference on the Singing of the Korean War Armistice held on 29 July 1953 in Beijing. Photo by Qi Guan Shan.
North Korean sailors of the Korean People's Army on parade in Pyongyang on 15 August 1953 in Pyongyang. Photo by Meng Zhao Rui.
Korean People's Army T-34 tanks on parade in Pyongyang on 15 August 1953. The original photo was taken by Hong Feng.

'Turn Back the Clock Thursday' brings you 'then and now' views of Korea from more than two decades of Koryo Tours trips to the DPRK and images in the public domain. Today Thursday comes on Friday.

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