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Koryo Tours Blog posts on North Korean songs and music.

Yanggak Island Discs is Koryo Tour’s blog posts devoted to North Korean songs and music. We collect and record old North Korean vinyl, placing the recordings on our Soundcloud account. For each track, we put online, we try to provide some relevant information to place the song in the context of North Korean society and history.

See below for our track list to-date.

A mobile propaganda band sets up shop to entertain workers. Photo by Carl De Keyzer.

Side A - Track List

Track 4 Snow Falls

Track 5 My Lark

Track 7 Whistle

More to come! Stay tuned!

Supplemental Material:

A Visit to the Revolutionary Opera by Dr. Michael Devine

Last updated 04 August 2018

Yanggak Island Discs is a regular posting on songs from old North Korean vinyl and Korean music in general. Follow the Yanggak Island Discs Sound Cloud!

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