A Pyongyang Home Companion
No.5: Pyongsong's
Solar Taxis

A new fleet hits the streets

Solar Taxi

Greetings from Pyongsong! Should you ever find yourself visiting capital of South Pyong'an Province, there is a new fleet of mini taxis on the street for your transportation convenience.

The fleet consists of Chinese-made JAC Motors (Jianghuai Automobile Company) YueYue (悦悦)J2 hatchback mini sedans. The Pyongsong J2s are the 2014-6 models of the minis which first made an appearance in 2009. The cars have either a 68 hp 1.0 liter engine or 99 hp 1.3 liter engine, and seat four adults and one child. The newest 2017 version starts from 37,800 Chinese RMB (approximately 5,500 USD) according to Car News China.

In Pyongsong the cars have been outfitted with a rooftop solar panel. One of our recent travelers pointed out that this unit may serve to power the car's air conditioning unit.

Around Korea many work units and apartments use solar panels for supplemental electricity around the country, especially in the Kaesong area. City ordinances in Pyongyang limit their use on the outside of buildings, but these can be purchased at department stores and used on balconies, verandas, or just within windows.

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