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DPRK: The Ryomyong

Pyongyang's Newest Hotel

Pyongyang's newest neighborhood, the very modern and very green Ryomyong Street, is home to Pyongyang's newest hotel: the aptly named Ryomyong Hotel. Yes, it's the Ryomyong, not the Ryugyong.

To be honest, we don't know much about the Ryomyong Hotel and it is unlikely that it will be open to foreigners. For now, we'll keep things simple with a rather obvious award and some photos from a magazine and from nearby on Ryomyong Street.

Hotels of the DPRK Award: Newest, but not the greenest, hotel (as of July 2017).

Ryomyong Hotel
The Ryomyong Hotel
Ryomyong Hotel on Ryomyong Street

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