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Koryo Hotels

The Koryo Hotel's non-North Korean doppelgängers

The Halloween season is the time for strange occurrences and sightings. While up in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of northeast China, we came across the Korean-Chinese doppelgänger of Pyongyang’s Koryo Hotel: the Yanji Koryo Hotel.

The Yanji Koryo Hotel has a rating of 3.5/5.0 on its Ctrip page. (Pyongyang’s Koryo Hotel has the same rating on Trip Advisor, although we may see that go up following the most recent renovation). Rooms at the Yanji Koryo Hotel range from 125 – 335 RMB per night.

There are, of course, Koryo Hotels in South Korea too, ‘Koryo’ being the name of a medieval Korean dynasty and the word from which we derive the Latinate word ‘Korea’. There is the Bucheon Koryo Hotel in Kyongi Province, also 3.5 points on Trip Advisor, and Andong Koryo Hotel in Kyongsong Province, which tops the lot with 4.0 points.

Hope your Halloween preparations are going well!

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