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North Korean Embassies

There is a total of 25 foreign embassies in Pyongyang, North Korea currently. 

But what about a North Korean embassy in foreign countries? 

Have you ever seen a North Korean embassy in your country? 

North Korea currently has 48 North Korean embassies: 

North Korean Embassy List (Jan. 2020)

Algeria - Algiers

Angola - Luanda

Austria - Vienna

Bangladesh - Dhaka

Belarus - Minsk

Brazil - Brasilia

Bulgaria - Sofia

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Cameroon - Yaounde

China - Beijing

Congo (Democratic Republic) - Kinshasa

Cuba - Havana

Czech Republic - Prague

Egypt - Cairo

Equatorial Guinea - Malabo

Ethiopia - Addis Ababa

Germany - Berlin

Guinea - Conakry

India - New Delhi

Indonesia - Jakarta

Iran - Tehran

Italy - Rome

Kuwait - Kuwait City

Laos - Vientiane

Libya - Tripoli

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Mexico - Mexico City

Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar

Myanmar - Yangon

Nepal - Kathmandu

Nigeria - Abuja

Pakistan - Islamabad

Peru - Lima

Poland - Warsaw

Romania - Bucharest

Russia - Moscow

Senegal - Dakar

Singapore - Singapore

South Africa - Pretoria

Spain - Madrid

Sweden - Stockholm

Switzerland - Bern

Syria - Damascus

Tanzania - Dar-es-Salaam

Thailand - Bangkok

Uganda - Kampala

United Kingdom - London

Venezuela - Caracas

Vietnam - Hanoi

As well as these North Korean embassies, there are also North Korean consulates and other representations in China, Russia, and other countries. 


Visiting a North Korean Embassy

If you have a North Korean embassy in your country, you can go to the embassy to pick up your North Korean visa. 

This is suitable for those that wish to have the DPRK visa inside their passport.

Otherwise, the North Korean visa is issued on a separate piece of paper and you will not get a passport stamp entering or exiting North Korea - unless you visit Rason Special Economic Zone in the North East of North Korea. 

If you wish to do this, you should inform your travel company as they will still need to apply for the visa on your behalf. 

It is subject to costs at each individual embassy how much you will have to pay for the North Korean visa fee. 

North Korean Embassy: 


north korean embassy spain

(SOURCE: Wikipedia)

North Korea has had diplomatic relations with Poland since 1989, and they still carry on to this day with the North Korean embassy in Poland still under operation, and Poland also has an embassy in Pyongyang, North Korea. 


ul. Bobrowiecka 1 A
00-728 Warszawa

North Korean Embassy:


north korean embassy uk

This small quaint North Korean Embassy is located in the suburbs of London in a typical British red-brick style house. 

Just like any other house - except for the flagpole which sometimes has the North Korean flag flying. 

North Koreans and British people live next to each other in harmony, with the neighbours often discussing their unusual next-door neighbours in the media. 


73 Gunnersbury Ave
London W5 4LP
United Kingdom

North Korean Embassy: 


north korean embassy russia

The North Korean embassy in Moscow (pictured above) is the chief diplomatic mission of North Korea in Russia.

There are also other consulates in other locations in Russia. 

North Korean Embassy:


north korean embassy germany

(Source: BBC)

The North Korean Embassy in Germany is based in Berlin.

The North Korean embassy has been here since 1990, but it recently came under the spotlight for having to close down the hostel that runs in one of the buildings in the North Korean embassy area. 

It was recently ruled by the court (Jan 2020) that the hostel is a breach of sanctions and therefore must shut down. 


Glinkastraße 5-7
10117 Berlin

North Korean Embassy: 


north korean embassy

The North Korean Embassy in Vietnam is located in Hanoi. 

It was visited by Kim Jong Un in February 2019 after the second US-Korean summit. 


25 Cao Ba Qrt Street

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