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Hit the slopes at Masik Pass Ski Resort

Opened in 2013 as the first major ski resort in the DPRK, Masik (meaning ‘horse resting place’) features 9 main runs and 2 beginner slopes. The resort opened amid plenty of controversy and speculation around the world but is now operational and open for visitors during the snowy season. The hotel here is the best in the country and even offers pricey internet connections in the rooms for guests as well as a lovely swimming pool. The ski runs here vary in difficulty but the highlights are the 5+km longest run from the summit of the mountain to the hotel in the valley, and the fun bunny-slope with options for tube riding as well as skiing. Equipment to fit any size can be rented here too.

Masik Pass Ski Resort Extension

Ski extensions will also be offered for our group tours in the 2018/19 winter season. On all of these tours we are offering a two night extension for anyone wanting to take the opportunity to hit the slopes of North Korea; be among the first foreign visitors and stay at the newly opened and very well equipped hotel, a very nice place to stay (has internet too for anyone looking to email their friends, or tweet from the middle of North Korea). Let us know when booking if you would like to add this extension to your tour!


  1. Join the locals on the slopes in North Korea!

This extension will add 2 nights to the existing tour itinerary and overlaps slightly with the main tour.

Day 0

•   Activities with the group

•   Activities with the group and then in the late afternoon drive to the Masik Pass ski resort (3.5 hours)

•   Overnight: Masik Ryong Hotel

Day 1

•   Normal group departure day

•   Skiing

•   Overnight: Masik Ryong Hotel

Day 2

•   Skiing

•   Return to Pyongyang, final meal

•   Overnight: Yanggakdo Hotel, Pyongyang


There are several options available. If you wish to make the tour alone or with a group of friends this can be done at the following prices:

430 EUR per person for this extension

In addition to the tour fee you will have to pay on the spot for your ski pass and for rental of any ski equipment.

A ski pass, plus full kit rental, is approx. 100 USD per day

Full ski kit includes helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket, trousers, skis, and poles. If you only need some parts of this kit then the cost may decrease. Snowboards are also available.

It is fine to take your own clothes and equipment, if you are larger than a 38 - 40” waist then the trousers they have will not be large enough for you. They do have large ski boots though (up to Dennis Rodman size!).


Skiing is dangerous. Did you know that? Well, it is. Risks abound even for those who are experienced skiers. We cannot strongly enough urge you to be exceptionally careful when visiting the ski resort. Please don’t try anything above and beyond your abilities, don’t take unnecessary risks, and always wear the safety gear provided. Do not go off-piste and obey the safety signs and personnel at all times. Koryo Tours is the only company that requires all clients to be fully insured for their trip and we make no exceptions here. You must have adequate medical insurance coverage for this trip and we can assist with a policy if you do not have this already. The best way to avoid any insurance coverage problems though is to not have an accident, this is what we strongly advise; care, attention, and a responsible approach to this activity.

There are medical staff at the ski resort and 4 medical centres as well, but the care they can offer and the facilities that they have are rudimentary when compared to those at most ski centres worldwide. It is therefore imperative that all visitors going skiing in North Korea take a sensible approach to it. You can go to the top of the mountain even if you don’t ski down, you can get amazing photos and a wonderful experience without having to do anything you aren’t capable of. Be careful! Please. Be careful.

The tour fee includes

  • Transport
  • Guides
  • Accommodation
  • Meals

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