Pyongyang Marathon
2020 – open for

Book now for a super early bird discount!

We're delighted to announce that Koryo Tours is once again the exclusive travel partner for the Pyongyang Marathon – and that registration for next year's race is now open!

The Pyongyang Marathon 2020 has been officially confirmed for April 12.

The AIMS-certified race is the biggest event on the DPRK sporting calendar, and is a unique opportunity to run alongside hundreds of locals through the streets of Pyongyang. Running without guides and starting and finishing the race in front of a 50,000-strong crowd in the Kim Il Sung stadium is an experience like no other.

This is guaranteed to be a stunning experience you'll never forget!

Sign up for one of our special marathon packages to North Korea and you can combine running streets few others have with a tour of one of the world's most interesting but least-understood countries. It's guaranteed to be a truly unique adventure.

You'll get a running shirt, medal, and party, too. Plus, we also use this event to raise extra funds for our humanitarian projects. So if you run with us then you'll be doing something good as well as being part of something great.

Interested? Keen adventurers will want to register ASAP to make the most of the 10% Super Early Bird discount on all bookings made before August 31.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to live your Olympic dreams at the Pyongyang Marathon next April — it's more than just a race!

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