Pyongyang Marathon
2017 — Race Results

As the marathon's official partner, we are pleased to be able to bring you the full results of this year's race.

You can find the results for the 1,100 foreign amateurs who took part by clicking the appropriate link on our website. See here. Then use the search box to find yourself. Then you can see your position, gun time, chip time, speed and pace.

Any problems with your record? Then please email us by 22 April, and we'll look into it. All records will be permanently locked in the last week of April.

If you're interested in seeing pictures from the race and the marathon weekend then please do check out our Instagram page. And remember to tag us (@KoryoTours) in your own posts! Or use the hashtag: #PyongyangMarathon

We'll be reposting our favourites in the weeks to come.

A thousand thanks once more if you travelled to this extraordinary event with us here at Koryo Tours.

Keep on running!

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