Mass Rhythmic Gymnastics,
a North Korean exercise

Learn some North Korean mass rhythmic gymnastics with this instructional video

A North Korean Exercise Video

North Korea is famous for its mass spectacles, enormous ‘mass games’ of various kinds held both in the capital and on the provincial level as well as regular mass dances organised in public places on major holidays.

You too can learn the basics of mass exercise with this 15-part 5 minute 47 second long video of ‘mass rhythmic gymnastics’, which is just one type of exercise video available in North Korea today. Dance and yoga-based exercise videos are also available.

See below for a key to the names of each of the specific exercises in the video.

Enjoy! It will get you warmed to learn the mass dance, which also has its own instructional videos.

1) Neck exercise

2) Leg and arm exercise

3) Chest exercise (1)

4) Shoulder exercise

5) Throat exercise

6) Chest exercise (2)

7) Chest exercise (3)

8) Back exercise

9) Full-body exercise

10) Back full-body exercise

11) Stomach exercise

12) Jumping exercise (1)

13) Jumping exercise (2)

14) Jumping exercise (3)

15) Leg and arm exercise (2)

Our tours usually don't get to take part in mass rhythmic gymnastics, but there is often a chance to take part in a mass dance on group tours or private tours over major Korean holidays.

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