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The Dushanbe international half-marathon takes place annually in the Tajik capital city of Dushanbe. This year (2019) it is celebrating the 10th anniversary of City Day!

The Dushanbe international half-marathon takes place annually in the Tajik capital city of Dushanbe. This year (2019) it is celebrating the 10th anniversary of City Day!
The marathon is the main event that celebrates Tajikistan’s Capital City Day.

Capital City Day is marked annually on the 3rd Saturday of April. This year, it will be held on Saturday 20th April. For these celebrations, representatives and participants from all regions in Tajikistan gather in Tajikistan’s capital city, Dushanbe, to participate in the race. Officials and representatives of diplomatic missions, as well as international amateur runners also take part.

In 2018, Tefera Goza from Ethiopia won the 2018 Dushanbe half-marathon.

There is only one distance that you can enter - that is the half-marathon. The race is fully certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races). The race has a time limit of 3 hours. The course is traffic-free during this time period.

The Dushanbe Half Marathon Route

The Dushanbe Half Marathon race route is a one way circuit. It takes in many iconic buildings and monuments in central Dushanbe, and a bit of countryside too!

It begins in the city centre before heading into the suburbs. You will run past the National Museum, the Dushanbe Flagpole (the second tallest in the world!), the circle of Karamox, Rudaki Park, and the National Parliament building. The finish line is located at the infamous Monument of Isomoli Somoni.

The course is lined with locals cheering you on throughout the race.
In previous years, there has been a lack of water available, so it is best to prepare beforehand.

You can find out more about the Dushanbe Half Marathon by visiting the official website or check out the Facebook Page.

What to Expect

A lot of chaos, and a lot of fun. Travelling Central Asia at times can be tasking, but it’s always full of rewards. Tajikistan is Central Asia’s least travelled country, and because of this their tourism infrastructure is not the best in the world. But, this is exactly what sets it aside from the rest and ensures that you have a unique, if not a tad disorderly, adventure.

Our adventure in 2018 was certainly one we won’t forget any time soon…

Why Should I Take Part?

Apart from a bunch of new and exciting experiences, completing the Dushanbe Half Marathon actually gets you a goodie bag full of great treats!

These gift bags were presented by the mayor's office upon completion of the Dushanbe Half Marathon.

Dushanbe Half Marathon, Tajikistan: What you get

Whilst there may be no medal ceremony since it is technically not permitted for medals to be handed out in Tajikistan (since it’s unfair to those who don’t win them!), Koryo Tours had their own ceremony last year atop a mountain in the small village of Varzob with a local family.

In 2018 during an event we were invited to attend with with the professional runners, officials, and VIPs of Dushanbe, awards were given to the winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th place. They won medals, certificates, diplomas, large marble vases, and prize money up to 4,000 USD.

Preparing for a Half Marathon

5 top tips on how to properly train for a half marathon -

1. Are you ready?

It’s important to make sure that you are ready to run. Do you have enough time to prepare? You should give yourself at least 2 months preparation time.

2. Choose a training plan

How are you going to train? You should think about whether you want to get a personal trainer, or if you’ll follow a training plan by yourself.

3. Get the right gear

Investing in the right equipment is an investment you won’t regret. Wearing the right shoes can make a big difference!

4. Eat properly!

This is very important during your training and lead-up to your half-marathon run.

5. Commit and stick to it!

Once you’ve decided on your training and diet plan - make sure to stick to them!

Running a half-marathon won’t be easy, but it is very rewarding and something you won’t regret doing!

How Can I Join the Dushanbe Half Marathon?

The Dushanbe Marathon has been open to amateur runners for 4 years. Foreign runners can register and join the Dushanbe Half Marathon with Koryo Tours. We have been running tours to take part in the Dushanbe Half Marathon for 2 years and are the only foreign tour agency to provide these tours.

Tajikistan tours are guided by our expert tour guide Rich Beal, who personally designed and researched all of the Tajikistan tours, and over the many years of working in the country has built up contacts and relations around the country.

This year, we have two Dushanbe Half Marathon tours available. You can join on the short tour or the long tour, depending on how long you wish to spend in Tajikistan.

During the short tour, we will see the main highlights that Tajikistan has to offer, as well as taking part in the Dushanbe Half Marathon.

Feel free to contact us for more information on either of these tours or for information about entering the Dushanbe Half Marathon.

Marathons Around the World

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