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Four classic thigh-slappers from North Korea

Every culture has the jokes that are guaranteed a cackle or a groan.
Why did the chicken cross the road? She was afraid someone would Caesar.
What's brown and sticky? A stick. You get the picture.

Here are four common North Korean jokes that are sure to earn a wry smile should you ever relay them in the DPRK.

- North Korean Joke 1

There was a heavy drinker. Every time a person told him to quit the alcohol for the sake of his body, he responded:

'Since my ancestors died because of alcohol, alcohol is my enemy. So I shall have my revenge by swallowing it'.

- North Korean Joke 2

A Physics teacher asked a student:

'Why do we see the lightning first and then hear the thunder?'

The student answered with confidence.

'It is because my eyes are in front of my ears'

- North Korean Joke 3

There were two people in the market: one selling grapes and the other one selling the walnuts.

The one selling grapes shouted: 'Grapes! Grapes! There are small seeds in big grapes and no seeds in small ones'

And were sold off in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, the person selling the walnuts imitated him.

'Walnuts! Walnuts! There is little flesh in the big walnuts and no flesh in the small walnuts'

Everyone laughed at him.

- North Korean Joke 4

'My wife’s on a diet, so she rides the horse every day to lose weight'

'Oh, does it work?'

'Yes, it does! The horse lost 40 kilograms in a month!'

So... Did we make you laugh with these North Korean jokes? Will you be relaying them onto your friends? They make a great party piece!


These are examples of publicly published jokes.

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