Kim Il Sung
Park Damascus

A park located in Damascus, Syria and named after the DPRK leader.

Damascus Kim Il Sung Park, Syria

Today, 15 April, is the ‘Day of the Sun’, a major North Korean holiday commemorating the birth of Kim Il Sung in 1912.

Countless locations inside of North Korea are associated with leader Kim Il Sung. For example, both the Arch of Triumph and Juche Tower in Pyongyang were opened for the leader’s 70th birthday. His childhood thatched-roof home at Mangyongdae is today preserved as an important spot in the country. Annually the Kim Ilsungia Flower Festival is held Pyongyang around the Day of the Sun holiday in April — the Kim Ilsungia is a type of orchid.

There are also a few locations associated with Kim Il Sung outside of North Korea, including Jilin’s Yuwen High School or Shenyang’s Liaoning Hotel in China. Much further afield is Kim Il Sung Park, Kim Il Sung Alley, a Kim Ilsungia monument in Damascus, Syria. The park was opened in 2015.

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Kim Il Sung Park in Damascus, Syria.
Inside Kim Il Sung Park.
Kim Il Sung Alley
Kimilsungia Monument in Damascus, Syria.
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