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Five Children's Songs for Children's Day

June 1 is International Children's Day (국제아동절). In the DPRK it is a day off only for the children, that means it's probably a work day for the grandparents.

1. The March of the Children's Union

This is the song of the Korean Children Union (조선소년단), the DPRK's equivalent of the pioneer corps. All children from ages 9 to 15 are part of the union. Their red scarf is called crimson 'necktie' in Korean (붉은넥타이) and their motto is "Always ready!".

2. The General and the Children

The music video for this song shows the Korean Children's Union Summer Camp at Mt. Myohyang and the active life of the students there. Similar summer camps exist around the country, including the Songdowon International Children's Union Camp near Wonsan where Korean and foreign students can attend together.

3. We are Young Scouts

From the long-running and extremely popular action-cartoon series 'A Squirrel and Hedgehog', this song is known by young and old throughout Korea. There's a port on a western bay, where someone we know can imitate this song exactly.

4. I am a Flower Bud of Korea

A children's song about being a flower of Korea.

5. Meh, Meh, Goat

The theme song from a cartoon about a young goat. He is a model student and friend.

Happy International Children's Day!

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